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This is the best time to own this..

The demand for information to ‘start online businesses, side hustles, income streams’ have been at an all time high since the global lock-downs and people loosing jobs in every sector. This is one of the best designed sites to offer this knowledge to the global english speaking audience and drive tremendous amounts of Free Traffic to build a residual affiliate income site all the while having an impact and changing lives.


1. Comes Pre-loaded with 3000+ Educational Videos from Top YouTube Channels with the option to bulk import unlimited videos of your choice – legally using YouTube’s official DataAPI.

2. Live Streams Latest Videos from Top Internet Marketing YouTube Channels.

3. Auto-posts Latest Blog posts from Top Internet Marketing Blogs

4. Runs 100% on Auto-pilot – zero management required

5. 100% Plug-n-Play solution, our team takes care of the installation

6. 100% Legal – as all videos are imported using Youtube’s Official DATA API

7. Can be expanded into any categories and import unlimited videos of your choice

8. You can build your own brand curating content focused more on your niche



Checkout some of the categories..


Online Jobs

Income Streams revealed

Money making Apps

Personal Journeys

Life & Biz Advice

Personal Finance

Success Stories


Affiliate Marketing

Amazin FBA



Day Trading

Internet Marketing

Traffic Hacks


Brand Stories

Business Case Studies

Book Summaries

Inspiring Interviews

Checkout the Daily Stream videos > Here

Checkout the Auto-blog > Here

With this Plug-n-Play White Label Solution, Drive Free Search & Social Traffic, Sell More of your own and Affiliate Products.. all the while adding Tremendous Value to your Audience’s journey towards their financial goals.

Some of the Key benefits…

  • Drive free viral traffic and crush it on social media as well
  • Drive search engine traffic (because it’s a web app with highly optimised pages stacked with KWs)
  • Build more trust, rapport and deeper connection with your followers
  • Build a stronger brand image and sell more products
  • Sell your own products or affiliate products
  • Stand apart from your competition offering this unique experience

This is perfect solution to build a Internet Marketing/Entrepreneurship brand from scratch or boost an existing brand without spending thousands of dollars and months of development time.

It could potentially drive hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of organic traffic and give a head-start to any IM brand or startup.

You can re-brand and make this app your own and start promoting it to your existing audience or simply market it as a stand alone app and then promote your Brand, Products, Offers on the back-end.

Key Highlights

It is a web app which works across all Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop devices including TV flawlessly 

  • It automatically streams latest videos from Top YouTube Channels
  • Has all the top videos from top YouTube channels
  • Thoughtfully categorised for best learning experience
  • All sub-categories are further broken down into micro-categories for much deeper experience
  • All videos are randomised, so it’s fun to discover new videos and the  content always look fresh
  • Comes with a fully optimised visual search – that helps you find the right workout very easily
  • Completely hands-off, runs of auto-pilot, there’s nothing to be managed once installed
  • Built on WordPress, pre-loaded with all necessary plugins – fully responsive across all devices.
  • Unlike an app – there’s no need for people to download, the site can be accessed by anyone online
  • All pages are search engine optimised – so we can tap into Search traffic along with social media, unlike traditional apps.

Why not a Mobile App?

While everyday people are launching new mobile apps, this web app offers a variety of advantages that a mobile app does not.

  • This requires no download, no signup, no upgrades
  • It works on all devices flawlessly including TV (which is the preference for many people)
  • You do not need to optimise it for every device type and size, as it is browser based (Huge savings of Money and Time)
  • You get to choose and import unlimited videos of your Choice from any YouTube Channel you want!
  • You can expand it to more categories like Podcasts, Documentaries and so on.
  • Unlike a mobile app, the site and 1000s of it’s pages can rank on Search engine and drive Free organic traffic with little of-page optimisation
  • It could be promoted on social media very easily via a link
  • It could be hosted on a sub-domain on an existing site – potentially driving insane traffic to the site (Ideal for Existing Websites)
  • Unlike an app, multiple pages can be opened at the same time on the background and re-visited anytime

How difficult is running this website?

Well, there’s literally no work to be done, the site runs itself. Unless you want to add more videos and categories. In that case, you would obviously need basic level WordPress experience.

Copyright and video usage:

All videos are 100% legally used within the framework of YouTube API. Initially YouTube API is free, however once you start driving high volume traffic – it is chargeable.

Learn more about Youtube DataAPI here

So, what do you get:

  • The complete website pre-loaded with all the needed Plugins
  • Complete library of 3000+ Video Pages
  • Video streams & Auto Blog
  • Customisation & Installation on your chosen domain
  • PDF guide on how to import videos in bulk
  • 15 day Chat support, 60 day email support

Most Commonly asked Questions..

Q1. How much time do I require to run it?

There’s literally no work to be done, the site runs itself. Unless you want to add more videos and categories.

Q2. How do I install it?

Our team will help you add your logo, favicon and even color customise to your own brand or choice and then install it on your server with one month free support.

Q3. What do I need to get started?

We need your domain and CPanel details and WordPress login. Apart from that you need to register with YouTube Developer Tools (takes few minutes). Once YouTube plugins are setup with API key – you will be able to fetch new videos from YouTube very easily.

Q4. How do I make money?

There are many ways to make money with this – but simple answer is – by promoting Affiliate products.
You can install it on a sub-domain or a new domain and promote it anyway you want. Therefore, you can drive a lot of traffic and promote any number of high paying Affiliate products and solutions.

Q5. What about the copyright of these videos?

The videos are owned by their creators, but you’re 100% legally eligible to use them extensively via YouTube Api.

Q7. Is it going to be free for ever?

YouTube API during it’s initial phase offers free views to a great extent, however once you have reach appx 50,000+ active users daily, YouTube API will become paid. We’ve been using YouTube API in over 50 of our sites and helped 50 others setup their sites on other niches, they are all free at the moment – as YouTube is building their API business and allowing a large volume of free traffic to new users. It is a great time to build YouTube businesses.

Q8. What is the basic running cost?

Hosting cost about $25 per month


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