What topics should beginners on Medium write about to earn money?

This is one of the MOST frequent questions I get: “Can I write about _______ on Medium???”
The answer is almost certainly YES. But I get asked this question so much I wanted to break it down.

1. Let’s start from the beginning: if you want to make money on Medium, what should you write about? The answer is NOT: what’s viral. What’s popular. What’s trending. What someone tells you to write about.

The answer is simpler. Write about what you love. Why?

On Medium, readers care about 2 things: why and how. Why should they listen to you about this topic? How do you know anything about it?

To answer those questions and get them to read your story, you have to demonstrate that you’re passionate (the why) and that you either have knowledge or experience (the how).

That’s the easy part. That should tell you where to start focusing your efforts.

2. Now you’re wondering: great, I can write about what I love. Now how do I make sure people read it? Can I really write about ______ on Medium? (Sports, politics, cooking, my cats, etc.)

On Medium, there are topics. Topics are what drive Medium’s story recommendation algorithm. When people sign up to Medium, they pick 5-10 topics they like. Medium uses that info to recommend stories to them to read. Every time someone publishes on Medium, a team of curators looks at the story and decides whether it’s worthy of being curated into one or more of those topics for others to see and read.

How do you aim for those? By looking at those topics! They’re all listed at Medium.com/topics. Drill down and see more about each individual topic.

Here you can see every story that Medium curators have picked to be distributed in those topics. You can research each topic and understand whether your story idea fits into one of those curated topics or whether you should aim for a different one.

3. The recap.
Here’s what you should do:

First, decide what you’re passionate about. What you either know a lot about through study or experience.

Then, go to the Topics page. Decide a group of 3-5 that you think your story fits into.

Research each one of those topics. What is being written about? What’s the style like? How are they formatted? What’s NOT being written about?

This gives you all the information. You know if you can write about _____ on Medium. You know how other people are doing it. And you can now sit down and start firing your fingers away.

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