The TRUTH behind why Tai Lopez ads are SO EFFECTIVE

Ever wondered why Tai Lopez ads are so effective at getting a particular message across? I’ll explain why and unveil the curtain behind the successful strategies Tai Lopez uses every time you watch…enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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Lets talk about the overall theme between his videos, and that’s his simple production value. Low production actually has MASSIVE ADVANTAGES over highly produced content. When making content like this, the low production value makes it relatable. It catches us off guard. It makes it easier to feel like the person is actually talking to you directly. It also seems authentic in the sense that it’s unplanned, it’s spur of the moment, and it sounds like he’s saying whatever comes to mind – just like you’d talk with a long time friend.

Another overall theme from his videos is that they’re visually captivating. Sometimes it’s a house, it’s a car, it’s him washing a car…there’s always something going on and there’s always movement. I’ll be honest, it’s a lot harder to capture someones attention long term if there isn’t movement – we naturally get bored of stagnation because it becomes predictable and our mind starts to wander. But as soon as you begin moving around, your mind continues to see it as fresh and innovative.

But one thing Tai Lopez is really, really good at – is his initial hook. He has 5 seconds to grab your attention so you don’t click “skip now.” He’ll ask an initial question or make a statement that makes you WANT to listen just to hear what he’s about to say. This means that now you’re INVESTED in hearing him out…and once you begin to invest, it makes it harder to click out.

From there, he’ll go into a story – and nothing sparks our imagination and emotions better than a story. Any time you want to get information across efficiently, a story is the best way to do that. A story will make a point, it will make it memorable, it builds connections, it draws you in, and it creates EMOTION.

I’ve noticed a common recurring theme halfway through is stories is that he’ll go off subject really quick and throw in a quick humble brag. And it works well…you’re right in the middle of a story, and then out of nowhere he deviates to talk about his mansion, his car, his Lamborghini…this is a really, really subtle demonstration of authority that this guy knows what he’s talking about and the the’s successful. Because we’re already in the middle of a story by this time, we’re going to pay closer attention to these mentions because we’re already immersed in what he has to say.

H then does his best to show that he’s no different from the person who’s watching. He’ll mention he grew up in a trailer park, that he never came from money, that he’s never been used to anything like this…it makes us feel more relaxed and at ease all of a sudden it doesn’t seem as “unobtainable.”

As Tai begins finishing up the ad, you’ll realize he never actually tells you the ending of the story…instead, he directs you to input your email and he’ll email it out to you.

But there’s one more close that’s really important that really helps push it over the edge…and Tai is an expert at this. This is urgency. He sets it up so that you realize that your LOSS is not doing it. By you NOT acting NOW, you’re going to be the type of person who won’t be succeeding.

And because you’ve already invested a few minutes of your time, in the middle of a story, and you’re curious how it ends and what he’s talking about…you’re pretty likely just to sign up to see what happens. And it’s a low risk investment on your part, just put in your email address and the story continues.

And this is what Tai Lopez is great at. He’s found a way to get people interested in self help in a way that no one really used before – typically when you think business or self help programs, you think of a boring old man wearing a suit. But he was able to successfully rebrand the entire self-help genre in a way that gets kids interested in reading and making money through understanding their deeper desires. And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why Tai Lopez ads are so effective.

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