The TOP 7 Stocks to Buy For 2020 (High Growth)

In this video, I’m going through 7 high-reward stocks that I will or have been investing in. These stocks are high risk, high reward, meaning that they have come down quite a bit in the last two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this means that they have a lot of upside as well, and you can make HUGE gains.

I have a lot of faith in these companies, and I’ll share with you my research, analysis, and thoughts about each one. These companies have all been impacted hard, with some of their stocks dropping 80%. Just because a stock drops in price does not mean it is a good buy – in fact, you must be very careful investing in these companies. This is because yes, they dropped for a reason – either a huge hit to their revenues, outlook, or cash flow. I believe these companies can make it through this recession.

I’ve made sure to sort through all the companies that have high earning potential, and I’m sharing them with you in this video. Stocks I’ll cover include companies in different industries, such as Carnival Cruise Lines to General Electric (GE).

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If you believe a company will not go bankrupt, then now can be a good time to buy. A lot of these stock prices have priced in a possible bankruptcy, which has deflated their market valuations. Of course, please note these are risky picks and it is possible to lose your money if they go bankrupt.

Note – I may have an interest in some of these companies. My recommendations are just a suggestion – I encourage you to do your own research about each company and make a decision for yourself, whether or not you want to invest in that particular company.

Happy stock buying! Now could be a great time for you to start investing. I normally recommend averaging down – which means you buy at intervals. This protects you if the stock prices drop further.

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