Should You Put Categories in Your Blog URL?

To maximize your blog traffic you have to have the right URL structure for SEO. So how should you setup your URL structure?
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Well, you don’t want to use dates… but you can consider using categories.

If you have different subjects within your blog you should consider putting a category in your URL structure. This tells Google what your content is about from a topical perspective.

If you have a tiny blog under 100 pages the chances are all of your posts are on the same topic. For this reason, you won’t need to put a category in the URL

Even if you have a small blog, and you are blogging on different topics, you should consider adding categories in your URL.

Now if your blog is a large one, such as 1000 plus posts, the chances are they aren’t all on the same topic. If this sounds like your blog, then you should consider using categories within your URL.

When creating your blog URL structure make sure you use dashes instead of underscores. And make sure you don’t place two dashes right after each other.
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