4 Steps to Increase Your Email Open Rates

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There are 4 steps you need to take to increase your email deliverability:

Step #1: Warm up your IPs – don’t just send 100,000 emails right away. You have to warm up your IPs and build trust with the email providers.

Start off slow by sending a few hundred emails, then ramp up to a thousand, then ramp up to 10,000 and grow from there. If you just send out 100,000 emails from day 1, you will find most of your emails in the spam folder.

Step #2: Use casual subject lines – if people open up your emails more then you will get better deliverability. If they don’t open them up then your emails will eventually end up in the spam box.

By using casual subject lines, such as ones a friend may use when emailing you, you are more likely to get opens.

Step #3: Scrub your email list – don’t just send emails to your whole list. If people aren’t opening your emails then stop emailing them. Every 30 days you should scrub your email list.

This will ensure high deliverability.

Step #4: Send text based emails – the more images you add you to your email the more of them will end up in Gmail’s promotion tab. Text based emails aren’t as “markety” so they tend to show up in inboxes more often.

Just follow those 4 steps and your emails will end up in people’s inbox.
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