3 Tips to Driving More Visitors Back to Your Website

Here’s how you can drive more returning visitors back to your site.
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Tip #1: Use remarketing – you can show ads to all of your visitors to get them back to your site. You can do this through Facebook and Google as they both allow remarketing.

This is very effective if you sell products or services as returning visitors are more likely to buy.

Tip #2: Collect emails – through Hello Bar you can collect emails. When people come to your site they will see email optins and once they put in their email, you can then notify them every time you have an update.

Tip #3: Push notifications – through services like Push Crew you can notify visitors through browser notifications every time you have an update.

Similar to email marketing, this is a simple strategy that works.

When using these 3 tactics you’ll have to keep in mind that not everyone will come back to your website, but the number will drastically go up over time.

You can keep track of your returning visitor stats through Google Analytics.
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