11 Recession Proof Stocks To Become A Millionaire

How to invest in a recession with the best 11 recession proof stocks and become a millionaire

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In the face of stock market crashes and recessions, these top 11 stocks have out performed the majority of the stock market, they still, pay their share holders money and consistently make millionaires over the long term. THIS list is ultimately where EVERY company ASPIRES to join some day. From this list, I have pulled some of my favorites stocks that I actually own that pay me dividends that I will invest in today.

Which stocks to buy? That’s a common question, especially in a recession and it’s difficult to find an investment that not only protects our money, but also grows it safely. This is especially important when you’re investing as a beginner in the stock market because you need to learn how to emotionally navigate being an investor, especially in tough times.

This is why I’ve put together my top 11 list of dividend aristocrats that I own in my stock portfolio across 11 different stock market sectors with Robinhood. Here they are:

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